Relationships. Book. @mp3
Relationships. Book. @mp3
ISBN/EAN: 9788877542236
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Autor(es): Selected by: Antonella Mignani


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James Joyce, Virginia Woolf et al.

Selected by Antonella Mignani

This selection of extracts from important works by these major 20th-century authors, James Joyce, George Orwell and Virginia Woolf is specially designed for high-school students to supplement their literary studies – in class or as self-study. A personal critical response is encouraged by the thematic/stylistic study approach to the activities, as well as in-depth critical commentaries on the author and his/her works and a comparative section on the literary/historical context in the British Isles and the students’ own culture.

James Joyce, Virginia Woolf et al.

El texto contiene fragmentos de romances de algunos de los autores más representativos de la literatura inglesa del siglo XX, desde G. Orwell hasta V. Wolf y J. Joyce, con un atento análisis crítico y de estilo de los diversos textos.